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“The Charity Flyers Project May/June 2023”

Aid for Women and Girls in need in the Czeck Republic

At the end of May 2023, the Charity Flyers will take off on their flight to Eastern Europe.

With this year’s project, the Charity Flyers aim to support the “Counseling Center for Women and Girls in Need” of the RC Prague Bohemia.

The center in the Czech Republic is designed for women and girls in family and psychological emergencies. The main focus is on supporting pregnant women and young mothers and avoiding unnecessary institutionalization of children. If the circumstances permit, the children should stay with their mothers.

The counseling center provides quick, practical, and straightforward help – for example, in finding a temporary safe place to stay. In addition to concrete emergency aid, the center is also active in prevention. For this purpose, the staff – all trained pedagogues and social workers – go to elementary and middle schools and talk to female students about topics such as family, relationships, addiction issues, or domestic violence.

Erika Hořínková, the head of the counseling center, and her team sacrifice a lot of time and passion for social work and are grateful for any support.

To help the counseling center, the Charity Flyers collect donations, which will be handed over on-site in the summer.




The charity project is supported by members of various Rotary Clubs (RC), such as RC Prague Bohemia, RC Nuremberg-Sebald, RC Tutzing, and RC Hof-Bayern. Together with the Rotary Club Prague Bohemia, the Rotary Club Nuremberg-Sebald guarantees the reliable transfer of your donation and is happy to issue donation receipts.



The project

was carefully and thoughtfully selected by the Charity Flyers from various projects in Eastern Europe.

The professional project management, the reliability of the partners on-site, and the complete use of the funds for helping the needy convinced us of this project.

The “Counseling Center for Women and Girls in Need” of the RC Prague Bohemia is financed by approximately 65% from public funds. Additionally, it receives a small subsidy from the church.

For the remaining funds, it relies on private donations from friends like you.

Last year, the Charity Flyers were able to collect medicines for over 1,000 patients in a homeless hospital in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The year before, a women’s emergency shelter in Tenerife, Spain, was significantly supported. All projects are also accompanied by members of the Charity Flyers in the following years to ensure the proper use of your donations.




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Therefore, we kindly ask you, dear friend of the Charity Flyers, for a donation to our aid project in the Czech Republic this year. With help for those in need, we grow together as Europe, which is so important in today’s times.



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