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“Medicine for the Poorest People in Greece”

Charity Flyers project, June 2022.

In early June 2022, the Charity Flyers will start their flight to Greece. There, we once again want to help people who are not supported by a social safety net.

The breakdown of the public finances in Greece has led to extensive cuts in social benefits. The result: the poorest sector of the Greek population as well as refugees’ do not receive medical care, nor are they able to afford it.


The NGO Praksis ( and the team of Dr. Achilleas Skordas from Thessaloniki are helping these people voluntarily and free of charge. To give the vulnerable section of the population the proper medical treatment, medicines are extrememly important. Due to custom and liability reasons (e. g. package inserts in the Greek language), the medicine must be locally purchased.



The “Praksis” project

The Rotary Club Nurnberg-Sebald has visited the project and informed itself on-site about the need for support. In the last couple of years, donations by the club members helped to supply the underserved local population as well as the migrants in Greek with medical care.

Last year alone, the „Praksis“-project provided 2000 people with medical diagnostics, treat-ments and drugs.

All doctors work voluntarily, so that every donation benefits solely the needy people.

Your donation for the NGO Praksis helps the poorest people in Greece get their needed medication through voluntary, personal service.



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RC Nurnberg-Sebald


The “Praksis”-project has a limited budget and continues to depend on donations to finance the medicine.

That is why we want to collect donations through our flight-event. Of course, the amateur pilots bear their own cost and also contribute to the good cause.

YOU too can make a donation. Every contribution counts.

We greatly appreciate every financial support. It will directly benefit the needy persons without any administrative expenses.


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