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„Charity Flyers Project 2024: Timisoara“

Showing students the way out of poverty

As is so often the case: without education, children remain day laborers. Just like their parents. Those who have nothing to lose are susceptible to crime and extreme political views. Added to this are hunger and a lack of medical care. The best way out of poverty is a good education – starting at a young age.

Grammar schools in Romania are usually only located in cities, the schools are almost always inaccessible for rural children. And even if a boarding school only costs EUR 1,600 per child per year, families in rural areas can hardly afford it. This is because the amount is equivalent to three to four months’ salary.

Romania has been a member of the EU since 2007, it is practically in our neighborhood and borders directly on the war-torn states of Ukraine and Moldova. The average net wage in Romania in 2022 was EUR 806 per month, only around half of that in rural areas.

The Project

For this year’s Charity Flyers project, we have chosen the Timisoara region in Romania, the heart of the German-speaking Banaterschwaben.

With the local Rotary Club Timisoara-Ripensis as our partner, we are supporting 10 gifted girls and boys from poor families.

The aim is to enable the children from the Timisoara area to attend grammar school.

The fundraising campaign will pay for the first of four years until the children graduate from high school, after which local Rotary clubs and the global Rotary community will cover the costs.

The project was carefully selected by us from various projects in Eastern Europe. Professional project management, the reliability of the local partners and the full utilization of the funds to help those in need were of utmost importance to us.

The Implementation

The staff of eight schools around Timisoara nominate children from disadvantaged families who have qualified to attend the upper secondary school by the end of the 8th grade.
Laura Petrutescu, this year’s president of the Rotary Club of Timisoara-Ripensis, and Cristian Jurji, an experienced local Rotary member

  • are very grateful for every donation,
  • ensure a fair selection of students,
  • ensure that the donations are used and monitored correctly
  • ensure follow-up financing for subsequent years.

We will officially hand over the donations in Timisoara on 18 June. The final selection of students will then take place after the end of the school year in July.

The Charity Flyers project is supported by private donors, companies, and members of various Rotary Clubs (RC) – such as RC Timisoara-Ripensis, RC Nürnberg-Sebald, RC Tutzing, RC Hof-Bayern, RC Hof Bayer. Vogtland, RC Rothenburg o.d.Tauber and many others. Each Charity Flyers crew also makes a significant donation and covers its own travelling expenses. Together with the Rotary Club of Timisoara-Ripensis/Romania, the Rotary Club of Nuremberg-Sebald guarantees the reliable transfer of your donation without any administrative costs and is also happy to issue donation receipts.


In recent years, we have successfully completed several projects:

  • 2023, Czech Republic:
    Single mothers with children often fall into a spiral of poverty – due to domestic violence or unemployment, among other things. In cooperation with the Rotary Club of Prague Bohemia, we were able to provide significant support to the “Counselling center for women and girls in need”.
  • 2022, Greece:
    Due to the Greek government’s austerity measures, homeless people and refugees are no longer covered by public health care. Thanks to donations from the Charity Flyers and in cooperation with the Rotary Club of Thessaloniki, over 1,000 patients have been provided with medication at the hospital for the homeless in Thessaloniki.
  • 2021, Tenerife:
    As a result of the Covid pandemic and the associated unemployment on the holiday island, the problems faced by young mothers have worsened dramatically (e.g. job loss, domestic violence, partner separation). Together with the Rotary Club of Puerto de la Cruz, the donation from Charity Flyers was used to create a shelter for those affected, which offers women protection and counselling. It is now run by the town of La Orotava.

We will continue to monitor all projects in the future to ensure that your donations are used properly.
Therefore, we would like to make a big request to you, dear friend of the Charity Flyers. Please support this year’s aid project in Romania with a donation.

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If we help our neighbors, Europe will continue to grow together – which is especially important in times like these.

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