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Fates of women in care in the “Hope & Light” project:

In not a few cases, pregnant women and young mothers are alone, abandoned by their partner, distant or excluded from their families. Such living conditions bring single parents to the end of their tether. The children in particular are the ones who suffer.
In the “Hope & Light” project, women and girls of all ages, with and without school-leaving qualifications or vocational training, are looked after, usually with a completely normal life plan, which, however, has suddenly changed dramatically for them due to their pregnancy. Without a partner, without a family and without government support, it is almost impossible for these women to live their lives with dignity and independently.
Here are some examples (names anonymized):


was 29 years old, a hotel worker, when her partner left her because she was pregnant for the second time. She lost her job for the same reason; Employers do not like to see downtime before the birth and during the baby phase. Most of the family still lived in Venezuela, like so many, she and her partner had landed in the Canary Islands years ago. Now she was practically on the street and no longer knew where to go. Hope & Light initially gives her and her small children protection and care until the three of them are adequately supported by state welfare for the start. Because the women often do not know what help they need and whom they can turn to.


became pregnant unintentionally at the age of 18 and was subsequently rejected by her family; Fortunately, she initially found shelter in a confined space with her grandmother. Having just finished school, it was impossible for the pregnant woman to find a job at the time; and since the baby was born, the monthly welfare budget has not been enough to support the mother with her child. It is important that Maria find a job as soon as possible. She has now moved to the Hope & Light shelter with her child and is supported by social workers in her job search.


Our latest case is a young woman with her little boy of 4 years who fled domestic violence in Fuerteventura. Here in Tenerife, she has found free accommodation, where she has to provide her labor for care for the elderly without income. Famished and exhausted, the two found their way to “Hope & Light”. As a first step, we were able to help out with groceries, housewares and clothes for the child. A social worker is now trying to get the documents from the social welfare office in Fuerteventura so that she can demand maintenance from her father from here; however, this will be difficult because he is unemployed.

Our support was aimed at adult single women during pregnancy and / or with babies / toddlers who pursue the goal of shaping their lives independently in order to be able to take care of themselves and their child.

This project does not focus on other problem situations such as B. underage mothers, mothers with mental health problems, with addiction problems, mothers without valid papers; these groups are looked after by other specialist units.

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